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Like That: New and Selected Poems

Sybil Pittman Estess has a new book entitled LIKE THAT: New And Selected Poems which was pubilshed in December 2014, published by Alamo Bay Press in Austin, Texas. She includes some 40 new poems in this volume, most already published in journals. Then she has selected what she considers are some of the better poems from her other four books of poetry to complete the volume of 125 pages.


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The poems contained in this volume are a collection of her works that have been published in many journals over 35 years’ time, some slightly changed from their original form. They capture her discrete sights and insights of various moments in her life that led towards epiphanic seeing, presented in radiant redemptive language in her expression of poems as “sacred songs”.

Maneuvers is available for purchase at Brazos Bookstore and River Oaks Bookstore in Houston, or directly from the author for $12 ($10 plus $2 shipping and handling) by mail at:

Sybil Pittman Estess
4367 Faculty Ln.
Houston, TX 77004


"Enter the labyrinth with Sybil Pittman Estess; at every turn, prepare to be amazed. Why, look, here’s Diane Sawyer! Take a right turn, and you’re in Albuquerque, or is it Galveston, or the Colorado Rockies? Go left, and there’s Heathcliff chasing Catherine. Enter the switchback, and you run into Jesus at the pagoda." —Barbara Crooker, author of Radiance, winner of the Thomas Merton Poetry Prize.



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Blue, Candled in January Sun

Sybil Pitttman Estess' Blue, Candled in January Sun is a book for the eye, ear, and heart. Her bracing music and gift for the luminous detail always work to reach the deepest wellsprings of human experience.


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In a Field of Words: A Creative Writing Text

An innovative text for beginning-level creative writing, this volume is designed to help aspiring writers find words for their stories and give them shape. It includes guidelines for writing fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry and features invaluable tips and techniques for getting started, solidifying ideas and finding help in all elements of writing. The text incorporates ample practice exercises.


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Elizabeth Bishop and Her Art

As the first book-length collection to focus on Elizabeth Bishop, this book has become an essential resource on this poet -- now recognized as one of America's greatest artists -- whose poetry, as Harold Bloom says in his foreword, stands "at the edge where what is most worth saying is all but impossible to say."


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Seeing the Desert Green

Seeing the Desert Green is Sybil Estess' first book of poetry. The refreshing poems contained in this book reveal a rare concern for others. Her poems are quiet, conversational texts that uncover themselves in the emotions of familial ties -- as grandchild and daughter, as mother and wife, and now as the steady narrator of a dying heritage.

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