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"Enter the labyrinth with Sybil Pittman Estess; at every turn, prepare to be amazed. Why, look, here’s Diane Sawyer! Take a right turn, and you’re in Albuquerque, or is it Galveston, or the Colorado Rockies? Go left, and there’s Heathcliff chasing Catherine. Enter the switchback, and you run into Jesus at the pagoda. Along the way, read these poems of loss and grief, poems of surprising discovery. This is poetry you will want to carry with you on your own journey through this enigmatic life. There’s a scent of roses in the air. Everything is just about to open." - Barbara Crooker; author of Radiance, winner of the Thomas Merton Poetry Prize.

"Reading a book of poems by...Estess is entering...a story of life...in a network of other lives, of houses that belong as much to the past as they do now to the living, of deserts and mountains that are the stages on which a vast human history played out its comedies and tragedies before she arrived, took stock of things, felt the continuity with her fingertips, noted the relativity of her own life as the wind blows through before she leaves." - The Texas Review, Paul Christensen; Professor, Texas A&M University, twice winner of the Violet Crown Prize awarded by the Writers League of Texas, author of Hard Country.

"In life's labyrinth, Sybil Estess finds her unique voice in what she sees and hears daily in her life. If true spirituality is in 'chopping wood and hauling water' as the Buddhists who want to live mindfully say, then Estess' vision helps us to see the miraculous in the mundane, the extroardinary in the ordinary." - J. Pittman McGehee; Diplomat Jungian analyst and Director of Broad Acres Counseling Center, Houston (former Dean of Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral).

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