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Black Eye

When each possession had been swept 
away by wind or water, and the chaos labeled 
3, 4, or 5, death came. Or displacement.
What was left to salvage? No house, clothes, 
photo to hold or help heal. Some survivors
waved white or red "Save Us" flags for several days. 
Sometimes someone came to those rags or signs 
by small boats. But refugees, rebuffed, had been struck 
by the eye.
                      Each of us now has been a host to some 
lost child recalling when waters climbed higher.
Lush green gardens gone, and trees are salt- 
watered at best. (The whole of horror is
not just tossed bombs.) So where can they flee 
next from Pass Christian, Bay St. Louis, Waveland,
Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, or New Orleans?
The lucky ones, left with breath.

Langdon Review of the Arts / Labyrinth

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