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California's broken, Seattle's Nasdaq
is unsafe. Portland's hills on the river
have ceased building. La Jolla's lures

have too many Chicanos along seashore
with its blooming red roses. Libraries
are closed. Yet one spot by the redwoods,

on water, is still sanctified, sacred:  Esalen.
north of Hearst Castle, south of Carmel
and Monterey. Twenty-five acres

of hot sulfur springs from rocks. Gardens
raised organically. Courses:  “Neuro-
Scientific Way to Happiness. “The Neuro‑

Dharma of Love.” Tai Chi Easy.” Psycho
Pharmacology,” “The Transformational
Enneagram,”“ Being Present to your life,”

“Romancing Spirit, “Spirit Medicine:  Vision-
seeker II.” “Don't Look for a Job, Create
a R.O.L.E.” And if you ditch your clothes,

lie on these decks buck naked, buffs or
breasts and bush up, after you have descended
the dust hill to bathe, whether you are dirty,

divorced, unemployed, disabled, uneducated,
have just spent your life uptight, have or
have not smoked pot, you will be whole.

- Like That

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