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Labyrinth (Fourteen Ways)

When you walk it, 
                                                 you are seldom lonely. 
When you walk it, 
                                                 there are other people 
on their own path. When
                                              you walk it with another, 
you pay attention 
                                          to your path -- not to theirs.
When you walk with care, 
                                        the two of you never collide.
When you walk it, 
                                             you must look and listen. 
When you walk it, 
                                      you are by yourself -- but not. 
When you get there,
                                              you are not finished yet.
When you arrive, 
                                          and rest at the rose center, 
you must exit as
                                          Christ did: down the Mount
of Transfiguration.
                                                              To Jerusalem. 
When you walk it, 
                     you have to trek and work your way out.

- Brigid's Place Women's Journal / Labyrinth

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