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On Leaving the Lake: 9,000 Feet

We came in summer heat, through
drought and no campfires allowed.

We stayed through two weeks of Indian
fall with Aspen so gold and red they

could have been butter and fire. No rain,
so leaves lingered. My two bought trees

have not turned. I watered them daily.
Hummingbirds migrated to Mexico.

Yesterday, first snow on Rocky peaks.
Geese are paused on the lake. Crows

caw for the start of cold. Moose are now
sleuthing and elk are mostly across roads

in the National Park:  hiding from hunters.
My red geraniums still bloom, and the purple

petunias we have to leave. No freezes
have come, although three fall frosts.

Fields are brown, ground cover is red.
Cafes and shops in town lock their doors.

Stores are beginning to sport skis, snow-
mobiles. Although I am still swimming daily

in the main lodge's heated pool, it closes
next week. Time to leave? Who can board

up this gorgeous plenty? We will drive south
now, to family, friends - what we call home.

- Like That

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