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The Rattlesnake Dream

The dream you had about the six-foot rattler
springing up at you past your head.

Image came from the scene in Cather's My Antonia,
the text you just taught. Luckily, you woke

before it bit -- the fangs being on their way down.
It didn't destroy you -- old black serpent

who took even Eve for her ride. Did it really
disappear when you woke? Where did it hide?

They say serpents can heal. See it as symbol.
It stood straight up on its legs. It had eyes,

an expression so terrible and maliciously human.
It would have struck you dead without your own

craftiness: you woke, spoke your mind to timeless
snake. Then you went about your actual day

carrying on your usual, good-evil way, choosing
the better one as much as you consciously could.

- The Midwest Quarterly / Blue, Candled in January Sun

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